About the book

“This book exam ines the development and impact of Vygotsky’s thought using an engaging first person narrative and personal account, and examines how it has been applied to a range of learning situations both inside and outside of traditional educational contexts. Although this is not a conventional academic introduction to Vygotsky’s thought then, key concepts such as the zone of proximal development (and the author’s idea of the zone of emotional development) are introduced, and Holzman skillfully interweaves theory and practice throughout the book’s six chapters.” Michael Thomas, Nagoya University, Japan

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Method(s) and Marx(s)

Chapter 2: Vygotsky in Therapy: Creating Zones of Emotional Development

Chapter 3: In the Classroom: Learning to Perform and Performing to Learn

Chapter 4: Outside of School: Creatively Imitating and Incorporating the Other

Chapter 5: At the Workplace: Looking at Ourselves

Chapter 6: Changing Relationships