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Vygotsky at Work and Play, Second Edition

New chapters address issues that threaten the flowering of
human development—the medical-model approach to emotional life,
worsening police/community relations, increasing authoritarianism
in schools — bringing Vygotsky’s discoveries to bear on the critical
question—“How can we develop in a world in crisis?”

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"A Psychology of Becoming"

Discovery of new possibilities, new ways of
being, new ways of understanding, happens at
the borders. People talk. Ideas meet. Something
new emerges. Old paradigms weaken. Creativity
abounds. Welcome to the border crossing, where
psychology meets culture, theatre meets therapy,
play meets learning—and the discovery-in-practice
is that human development is the performing of
who we’re becoming.


It's the Overweight Brain

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We live in a mass culture obsessed with the need to
know at a time of such unpredictability that knowing
is of little good. Knowing has us stuck — play can
help us move...

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2017 Online Program

Social Therapeutics &
the Practice of Method

A 14-week program with Lois Holzman and
special guests Michael Cole, Sheila McNamee,
Peter Smagorinsky and Tom Strong.

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The Power of
Revolutionary Play

Watch the TEDx video and for
more play, check out Lois's talk,
“Honor Your Playfulness”

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